For many of our largest projects, prefabricated geomembrane systems have been the perfect solution to a variety of the issues our clients have run into. Prefabricated geomembrane systems, for everything from tank liners to 40 acre irrigation reservoirs, can help not only in the installation process, but with cost, efficiency and lead time.

Benefits of Prefabricated Geomembrane Systems

BTL provides our customers custom, prefabricated geomembrane systems, which have myriad benefits in a variety of applications, including:

  • With prefabricated geomembrane systems companies can have one seam every 350 feet instead of every 20 feet
  • BTL’s prefabricated geomembrane systems can be custom ordered to your exact specifications, no need to try to make stock liners and covers fit
  • You won’t have to wait a month for your order, BTL ships the fastest orders in the industry – Orders in excess of 100,000 square feet ship within 2-3 days
  • Liners that have been prefabricated don’t have to be seamed onsite, which can be susceptible to weather and human error
  • Prefabricated liners cut down on installation time, labor and maximize efficiency

One of the most attractive benefits of prefabricated geomembrane systems is lead time. As we mentioned above, when you place an order with BTL, we can ship orders in excess of 100,000 square feet within 2-3 days. With many other companies, you wouldn’t receive large orders of this nature in less than a month’s time. While most large projects may lend themselves to longer timelines, in emergency situations no one compares to the speed and efficiency of BTL and our prefabricated geomembrane systems.

Fabricated Geomembrane Institute Affiliation

BTL Liners is proud to belong to the Fabricated Geomembrane Institute (FGI), which is hosted out of the University of Illinois. The industry-sponsored institute advocates for the advancement of using prefabricated geomembranes through education, research and technology transfer. Vice President Jared Santoro once sat on their Board of Directors and BTL still is greatly involved with the institution. BTL, along with FGI, is trying to better the practices of the industry and grow the use of fabricated geotextiles. Contact BTL Liners to learn more about custom, prefabricated geomembrane systems and their many benefits.