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Woven Geotextiles

FasTrack is market leading brand of woven geotextile fabrics that are manufactured using a range of different strengths and weave patterns.

We offer 2 specific types of woven geotextile fabric: Standard Grade (SG) and High Flow (HF). Our woven geotextile fabrics are specified by both civil and marine engineers and are most commonly used for soil separation and the reinforcement of aggregate layers.

Woven geotextiles provide a cost effective solution for the separation of granular fill materials and for the provision of sub structure support. The most common application is use as a separating layer beneath roads, helping to prevent rutting through separation and providing tensile support.

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FasTrack SG

FasTrack Standard Grade (SG) woven geotextile fabrics are produced with long term performance in mind. Available in strengths of up to 200kN/m and CBR puncture strengths ranging from 1,800N to 12,500N.

FasTrack HF

FasTrack High Flow (HF) woven geotextiles are designed to provide high water through-flows with optimum particle retention. Manufactured from a mixture of mono and multi filaments of polyester and polypropylene, they can attain water flow rates of up to 700l/m²/sec.

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