Geotextile Tubes

High Strength Dewatering Tubes

Geotextile tubes are one of the largest and most cost effective options for dewatering a large site, lagoon, or waste water treatment plant. These strong geotextile dewatering tubes are fabricated from specially engineered geotextiles, providing superior containment of fine solids and more clean, effluent water. Our geotextile tubes are engineered with high-strength, quality-seaming to give you an efficient and durable solution for your dewatering needs. With increased size and strength, dewatering tubes are an ideal choice for demanding jobs or heavy containment applications.

Standard geotube sizes include lengths from 22′ to 100′ feet and circumferences up to 120′. Custom sizes are also available.

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Geotextile Tube Features

  • Fabric: High Strength Geotextile
  • Length: up to 200 ft.
  • Circumference: up to 120 ft.
  • Effectively Filters out Silt, Sediment, Sludge, and Waste
  • Easy removal and disposal of solids
  • Reliable in all weather conditions
  • Reduces risks in operational safety
  • Installation Instructions

Geotextile Tube Benefits

  • Designed for Large Dewatering Applications
  • High Strength Woven Fabrics
  • Large Sizes Available
  • Effectively Filters out Silt, Sediment, and Waste
  • Easy to Size for Specific Requirements
  • Cost Effective and Low Maintenance
  • Efficient, Versatile and Environmental Friendly
  • Rated to Handle Various Chemicals and Contaminated Water

Standard Erosion Control Applications

  • Industrial Lagoons
  • Aquaculture Facilities
  • Sludge Removal
  • Agricultural Compost
  • Breakwater for Hotels and Beach Side Homes
  • Dewatering in Waste Water Plants, Coal Plants, and More
  • Geotubes for Seawalls

Download our Geotextile Dewatering Tubes (pdf) for more information.

Need help with geotube sizes? Call our Erosion Control Products team at 1-863-251-5111 or fill out our quote request form to discuss your requirements.

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Geotextile Tube Technical Specifications

PropertyValueExtra Notes
Length22′, 50′, 57′, and 100′Other Lengths by Special Order
Circumference22.5′, 30′, 45′, 60′, 120′
Filling Port Spacing1 – 3 portsOne Port for Every 50′ of Length

Have a smaller dewatering job? In addition to the large sludge tubes, we also offer several small Dewatering Bags to help filter out sediment and materials. These bags typically include sizes between 6′ x 6′ and 15′ x 20′.

In order to determine the right option for your location, consider several factors:

  • Type of solids you are filtering
  • How many geotextile dewatering tubes are required for the amount of solids you are dewatering
  • Areas available for placement of the dewatering tubes
  • Clear understanding of where the filtered water will flow