Geosynthetics – Geotextiles, Geomembrane, Geogrid

We carry a wide variety of woven and non-woven geotextiles that meet AASHTO M288 specifications for separation, stabilization, subsurface drainage and erosion control. Our array of geotextile products can meet the requirements of virtually any application including mining, oil & gas and construction. In addition, we have a selection of biaxial geogrids for use in reinforcement applications that can increase life and reduce maintenance costs of the surface. Give us a call to discuss your next project and which products will best meet your needs.

Woven Geotextiles

Ideal for separation, stabilization and reinforcement applications, these woven geotextiles can help provide significant material cost savings while helping increase durability. With products meeting all specifications for AASHTO class I, II and III strength properties, we are sure to have a woven material that meets your needs.

Non-Woven Geotextiles

These fabrics are a non-woven polypropylene that combine strength and permeability to provide a highly versatile material. Commonly used in separation, drainage and erosion control applications, we have a wide range of products and sizes that meet each of the three strength classifications designated for highway construction.


Biaxial geogrid is made from high grade polypropylene for increased flexural rigidity and tensile strength at ribs and junction. Commonly used in road reinforcement, geogrids help increase the life of the surface and reduce maintenance costs. 


These geomembrane liners are used in many different industries and applications including environmental, mining, oil & gas, waste and construction.

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