Geotextile membrane, sometimes misspelt as geo textile membrane, geotex membrane or geotech membrane, is an essential component for landscape projects but why is this? What is geotextile fabric and how to use it? Today, we are answering these and many other questions that you might have about geotextile membranes.

What is geotextile membrane?

Also known as landscape fabric, weed membrane or garden membrane, geotextile membrane is a protective fabric that has three main functions: separation, filtration and reinforcement. It is often used for soil separation, drainage, weed control and other civil engineering projects. The most commonly known types of geotextile membrane are non-woven and woven membranes.

What is non-woven geotextile?

Equivalent to Terram 1000, non woven geotextile membrane is used as a drainage filter and soil separator in various projects. This thermally bonded geotextile fabric is used below access roads to create a firm base as well as a separator membrane between the sub-base layer and the riding surface in equestrian arenas. Non-woven geotextile allows water through whilst preventing the passage of soil particles.

What is woven geotextile?

Woven geotextile fabric often have high load capacities, being ideal for erosion control and reinforcement projects. We supply G90, which is a general purpose woven geotextile membrane, used for a variety of building, landfill and civil engineering projects. This membrane fabric is used to line drainage trenches to prevent soil particles from blocking the filter stone as well as to separate the surface layer from the sub-base.

What is Terram?

Terram is the name of a company that makes geotextiles. The same way the brand “Hoover” is often a synonym to vacuum cleaners, “Terram” is associated with the product geotextile membranes, which are often simply referred to as Terram or Terram membranes.

Where to buy geotextile?

Geotextile can be purchased online at Mainland Aggregates Ltd. Whether you require geotextile membrane for driveways, geotextile membrane for land drainage or geotextile membrane for horse arenas – search no further than our online shop. Please contact us if you need assistance choosing the right geotextile membrane for your project.

How to cut geotextile fabric?

This membrane fabric can be cut using scissors or a utility knife. Geotextile membrane rolls can be cut using a chain saw.

When to use geotextile fabric?

As mentioned previously, geotextile fabric is mainly used for separation, filtration and reinforcement. So, when to use geotextile fabric for these functions?


Geotextile membranes are often used to prevent surface dressings from disappearing into the sub-grade layer. This material is used for separation purposes underneath driveways, patios and pathways.


If you want to prevent land drainage systems from clogging, geotextile membranes can be used to create a water-permeable barrier. This barrier will prevent fine rocks and silt from passing through whilst allowing free movement of water.


Geotextile membranes are often used when constructing banks to help prevent lateral movement of the fill layers and stabilise the bank. This is done by laying a layer of fill material followed by a layer of membrane, and repeating this process until the bank is at the correct height.

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