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Geonet is a synthetic drainage material manufactured from the highest quality high-density polyethylene (HDPE) structures, also called “geospacer”. Geonet consists of centralized HDPE strands in which the maintaining core structures provide higher transmissivity than bi-planar geonet.  Geonet are generally designed to transmit fluids and gasses. There are two kinds of geonet in GeofanTex Geosynthetics, which are bi-planer and tri-planar Geogrids.

Bi-Plannar Geonet

Drainage Geonet

Drainage Geonet is a bi-planar or tri-planner geonet with two sets of diagonally parallel-crossing HDPE strips in a round cross-sectional shape. This unique strips structure provides superior compressive creep resistance and ensures continuous flow performance over a broad range of conditions and long durations. The lightweight and flexible Bi-Planar or tri-planar Geonet is easy to install and has long-term durability. Available in a range of sizes, Bi-planar Geonet can be suited for projects where the foundation is reasonable or the bearing capability demand is low.
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