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What is Geocell (Geocell Grid) – Geofantex

Geocell is a three-dimensional mesh cell structure formed by reinforced HDPE sheet material through high-strength welding. It is generally formed by ultrasonic needle welding. Due to engineering needs, some holes are punched in the diaphragm.

The main purpose of Geocell

The geocell is used for the protection of the river embankment, and its primary characteristic is to reinforce the river mattress and stop the river embankment from breaking down due to the long-term erosion of water. The traditional geocell is made of metallic material, though its strength is high, it will have a sure affect on the water quality and soil; and the geocell has the properties of anti-aging, effortless degradation and corrosion resistance, and it will not cause water pollution when used for a long time; The geocell has a certain flexibility and can be packaged in rolls, which saves transportation costs and is very easy to install.

The geocell has the features of drainage, filtration, isolation, reinforcement, tensile resistance, protection, seepage prevention, etc. It is mainly used in basic construction such as railways, highways, water conservancy, and construction to improve the quality and life of engineering construction.

Highway: When the pavement is under stress downwards, due to the mutual restriction of the geocells, the surrounding soil is decreased by the spreading force, so as to achieve the effect of temporary or permanent protection of the roadbed.

Railway: After the railroad tracks are laid, the weight of the train motives the railroad tracks to exert pressure on the soft basis bed, which will deform the roadbed. The two sides will bulge upwards and the center track will sink downwards. The use of geocells can decrease the pressure borne through the bulge on each sides, make the force borne via the center track vertically downward, and decrease the stress and deformation of the soil under the cell via the load.

Slope protection: Slope protection consists of mountain slope protection and river slope protection. Trees or plant life can nonetheless be planted after the use of geocells. In some original slope soils where plant life and flowers can’t be planted, one layer of cells can be added to plant grass; It can resist the pressure of the water flow and keep away from the soil from being washed down by using the water flow direction.

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