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What is geosynthetics products?

Geosynthetics is a general term for synthetic materials used in civil engineering. As a civil engineering material, it uses synthetic polymers (such as plastic, chemical fiber, synthetic rubber, etc.) as raw materials to make various types of products and place them inside, on the surface of, or between various soils. , To play the role of strengthening or protecting the soil.

The “Technical Specifications for the Application of Geosynthetics” divides geosynthetics into geotextilesgeomembranesgeogrid, geotechnical special materials and geocompositesgeonetsfiberglass nets, and geomats, etc.

Application of Geosynthetics
Application of Geosynthetics

Geosynthetics is a general term for various products made from synthetic materials used in geotechnical engineering and civil engineering construction. Because they are mainly used in geotechnical engineering, they are named “geo-synthetic materials” with the word “geo” to distinguish them from natural materials.

Geosynthetics used to be called “geotextile” and “geomembrane“. With the needs of engineering, new varieties of these materials continue to appear, such as geogridsgeonets and geotextile bags, geonet mats, geotextiles, composite geomembranesgeosynthetic clay liner, composite drainage nets, etc., the original name It is no longer possible to accurately cover all products, so for a period of time afterwards, they are called “geotextiles, geomembranes and related products (relate products)”. Obviously, such a name should not be used as a technical or academic term. For this reason, at the Fifth International Geosynthetics Academic Conference held in Singapore in 1994, the name of this type of material was officially determined as “geosynthetics”.

Application of Geomembrane
Application of Geomembrane

The raw material of geosynthetics is polymer. They are made of chemical substances extracted from coal, oil, natural gas or limestone, and then further processed into fibers or synthetic material sheets, and finally made into various products. The polymers used to manufacture geosynthetics mainly include polyethylene (PE), polyester (PET), polyamide (PER), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chlorinated polyethylene (CPE), polystyrene Ethylene (EPS), etc.

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