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PP Biaxial Biaxial Geogrid – Geofantex

  • Increase the bearing capacity of the road (foundation) and prolong the service life of the road (foundation).
  • Prevent the road (ground) surface from collapsing or cracking, and keep the ground beautiful and tidy.
  • The construction is convenient, time-saving, labor-saving, shortening the construction period and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Prevent cracks in the culvert.
  • Strengthen the soil slope to prevent soil erosion.
  • Reduce the thickness of the cushion layer and save the cost.
  • Support the stable greening environment of the side slope grass planting net mat.
  • Can replace the metal mesh, used for false roof mesh in the coal mine
  • Brand GeoFanTex® PPD
  • Product origin China
  • Delivery time 7-14 days
  • Supply capacity 40′ HQ/ 7 Days

Product Details

PP Biaxial Plastic Geogrid – GeofanGrid PPD

PP Biaxial Plastic Geogrid (Geofantex PPD) is made from Polypropylene polymer. PP Biaxial Plastic Geogrid (Geofantex PPD) is manufactured through the process of extruding the sheet, punching the designed holes, and heating while longitudinal stretching and transverse stretching. Through this process, we supply PP Biaxial Plastic Geogrid (Geofantex PPD)which is the same stress of the longitudinal stretching and transverse stretching. Or you need the different stresses of the longitudinal stretching and transverse stretching PP Biaxial Plastic Geogrid (Geofantex PPD)

The Properties of PP Biaxial Plastic Geogrid (GeofanGrid PPD)

( Plastic geogrids are many kinds according to the specifications, such as multiple geogrid, single geogrid, please click the other PP plastic geogrid. MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY: 20’ft Container)

Properties [ASTM D 6637]UnitPPD1616PPD2020PPD3030PPD4040PPD4545PPD5050
Longitudinal Tensile StrengthKN/M162030404550
Transverse Tensile StrengthKN/M 162030404550
Longitudinal Yield Elongation%151515151515
Transverse Tensile Elongation %131313131313

The Applications of PP Biaxial Plastic Geogrid – Geofantex PPD

  1. Subgrade enhancement of various highways, railways, and airports;
  2. Reinforcement of permanent bearing foundations such as large parking lots and wharf freight yards;
  3. Slope protection for railways and highways, and culverts are strengthened;
  4. The secondary reinforcement of the soil slope reinforced by the unidirectional stretching geogrid can further strengthen the soil slope and prevent soil erosion;
  5. Reinforcement of mines and tunnels.

PP Biaxial Plastic Geogrid Role in engineering – Geofantex

  1. High strength, low creep, adapt to various environmental soils, and can fully meet the use of tall retaining walls in high-grade highways.
  2. It can effectively improve the interlocking and occlusion of the reinforced bearing surface, greatly enhance the bearing capacity of the foundation, effectively restrain the lateral displacement of the soil, and enhance the stability of the foundation.
  3. Compared with the traditional grille, it has greater strength, strong bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, large friction coefficient, uniform holes, sensitive, Convenient construction, long service life, and other characteristics.
  4. It is more suitable for deep-sea operations and embankment reinforcement, and fundamentally solves the technical problems of low strength, poor corrosion resistance, and short service life caused by long-term seawater erosion caused by other materials for stone cages.
  5. It can effectively avoid construction damage caused by being crushed and damaged by machinery during the construction process

Geofantex Geosynthetics have to make a series of guarantee for our products both plant processing and selling out to our customers. The selling to you is the first step, the service and guarantee is our task. Geofantex Geosynthetics have an ISO Certificate to guarantee the raw material, the product processing, and the end product. From receiving your order to replacement and installation of the products, we have solved the problems in time if you need, whatever the quality and technics guideline or suggestions. Our company has been committed to supplying high-quality products with reasonable price and delivery in time. 

GEOFANTEX has an on-site Manufacturing Quality Assurance Laboratory at the factory. GEOFANTEX maintains a high level of quality and up-to-the-minute results on finished products through a fully equipped, well-staffed, dedicated laboratory existing in each of the manufacturing facilities. Each facility follows the same guidelines for evaluating the quality of GEOFANTEX products and is capable of adapting to market-driven requirements.
A. Objective
The objective of the GEOFANTEX Quality Assurance program is to define the implementation of basic manufacturing quality assurance (MQA) procedures necessary to ensure the consistent production of quality products supplied to the geosynthetic market. Note that at this time, these procedures are limited to Biaxial Plastic Geogrid.
B. Scope
In order to achieve GEOFANTEX’s stated purpose, a rigorous set of minimum standards and an effective test program to assure compliance have been established. These procedures and requirements are frequently reviewed and adjusted to assure compliance with current market demands and/or predetermined project specifications. These procedures assure that raw materials and process parameters are controlled to provide products complying with GEOFANTEX’s pre-defined minimum characteristics.


A. Roll Numbering

Each roll of Biaxial Plastic Geogrid is assigned a unique roll number. The Quality Assurance Laboratory maintains records documenting the raw materials and resulting product quality information.

B. Approval Procedure

Results for each tested roll of the product are checked against both GEOFANTEX China standard and customer specifications for compliance. The Quality Assurance Laboratory approves those materials that meet these requirements for shipment.

C. Non-Conformance

Material that does not meet GEOFANTEX minimum standards is given a roll number but is rejected and not placed into inventory. The material is identified as scrap and will not be utilized. Material that meets GEOFANTEX minimum standards but does not meet a stricter customer specification is not allocated to that customer but is placed into inventory as GEOFANTEX standard material.

D. Documentation

Individual Quality Assurance Certificates are generated and supplied for each roll of Biaxial Plastic Geogrid product to include all relevant quality assurance information about the material(s).

Geofantex Geosynthetics have a series of package and delivery service working procedures. Geofantex Geosynthetics have supplied thousands of containers to Latin America, North America, Southeast Asia and developed countries, and Africa within the past ten years. We provide the package of products with the rolls, pots, bags, sheets, or your requirement in orders. Our company has been committed to supplying high-quality products with reasonable price and delivery in time. Delivery one 40’HQ within 7 – 10 days. And we have an obligation in increasing loading quantity and make you save the freight costs maximumly. We supply the products by plane, by sea and land carriage to any regions or any countries of the worldwide, even the door-to-door service. 

Geosynthetic material type and function comparison table

What is PP Biaxial Plastic Geogrid – GeofanTex® PPD

The PP Biaxial plastic geogrid is made of the high molecular polymer through the process of extrusion, forming, and punching, and then stretched longitudinally and transversely. The material has great tensile strength in both longitudinal and transverse directions. This structure can also provide an ideal interlocking system for more effective force bearing and diffusion in the soil, which is suitable for large-area permanent load-bearing Foundation reinforcement.

In the manufacture of the bidirectional plastic geogrid, the molecules of the polymer will be rearranged and oriented during the heating and extension process, which strengthens the bonding force between the molecular chains and achieves the purpose of improving its strength. Its elongation is only 10% to 15% of the original sheet. If anti-aging materials such as carbon black are added to the geogrid, it can make it have better durability such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance.

Development history of the Geofantex

2014 — Geofantex Geosynthetics Co., Ltd. Factory was established
2015 — promoting the new image and building GeoFanTex brand
2018 — Geofantex products exceeded 100 million dollar
2019 — Upgrade new nonwoven geotextile, Geomembrane, and Composite geomembrane production line.
2020 — The new factory was completed.
2021 — Upgraded production line of the factory, making all the products could meet ASTM, AS, and ISO standards.
2022— Improve the quality of after-sales service and launch customized products.

Company Profile

Geofantex Geosynthetics Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Dalian, with superior geographical location, convenient transportation, and developed communications. The company was founded in 2014 with a registered capital of 5,000,000 yuan. It has an industrial park covering an area of ​​more than 50 acres in Jinan, Shandong. It has a modern office environment, advanced production equipment, and a group of high-quality and professional technical and management personnel.

The company is mainly based on producing and selling green and environmentally friendly geotextiles. The main products are: staple fiber geotextiles, filament geotextiles, composite geomembrane, HDPE/EVA geomembrane, geogrid, Geosynthetics Clay Liner(GCL), waterproof board, composite drainage geonet, and other geosynthetic products. The above products have been widely used in the construction of soft foundation reinforcement, reinforcement, slope protection, waterproofing, drainage, greening, and other infrastructure projects in the construction fields of railways, highways, water conservancy, electric power, ports, mines, and garbage disposal sites. The company’s products are exported to foreign countries, and it insists on providing technical consultation, design cooperation, construction guidance, and other services for major civil engineering enterprises at home and abroad. It can produce geosynthetics of various scales according to customer requirements. And the vast number of users alike has also been recognized and praised by domestic and foreign experts.


The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification, and strictly adopts national standards to guide production to ensure the production of qualified products. Since the establishment of the company, it has continuously introduced advanced enterprise technology and equipment, and its products have been exported to Australia, Canada, South America, Southeast Asia, and other regions. It has very complete production, sales, and logistics channels. As of xxx year, the total export sales reached xxx million. After feedback from major companies at home and abroad, the company’s products are stable and reliable, with convenient construction and reasonable price, bringing economic and social benefits to our customers, and have won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers.

The company gives full play to its own innovation advantages, platform advantages, and market advantages, and with the support of national policies, builds a national first-class enterprise, always follows the principle of “quality first, reputation first”, adhering to the principle of “people-oriented, quality for survival, integrity, unity and hard work”, Integrated enterprise spirit, sincere cooperation with various engineering units and colleagues from all walks of life, harmonious development, and work together to make greater contributions to infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the quality of Geofantex Geosynthetics products could meet all the standards according to your requirement.

OEM could be accepted by Geofantex Geosynthetics, and we have a lot of practical experience. 

Sure, Geofantex Geosynthetics products could be customized, Model, Size, Package, Raw material, Composite products, all could be customized, and we welcome special customized.

Yes, we could issue third-party test reports, like SGS, TRI, etc.

Yes, below 2m2 samples are free.

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